A coaxial spiral antenna with increased gain


  • A. S. Mikryukov Ukrainian Armed Forces Research Center of Communication and Informatization, Ukraine
  • V. F. Korsak Science Center of Control, Communications and Radio-Electronic Warfare, Ukraine
  • Y. L. Maksimenko Science Center of Control, Communications and Radio-Electronic Warfare, Ukraine




The raise of the gain of cylindrical spiral antenna (CSA), which is excited in axial radiation mode, is usually reached by extension of axial length of the spiral [1]. However CSA gain at large (more than 15) number of coils depends on magnitude of the angle of the spiral winding [2]; when the angle of winding is close to 14°, it is increased practically linearly with growth of coils number. Increasing of CSA gain of limited axial length is received by the putting of the metal cylinder inside of a spiral [3]. When common length of antenna is equal 1.58λ, gain is more than 13 dB.


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