About one method of determination of currents in the isolated antenna


  • I. P. Zaikin State Aerospace University, Ukraine
  • G. I. Koshevoy State Aerospace University, Ukraine
  • D. I. Yaresko State Aerospace University, Ukraine




A success in the field of a miniaturization of modern radio electronics are so great, that the sizes of majority of devices have reached practically limited values. Unfortunately, this does not concern fully one of the major elements of radio engineering systems-antennas radiating or receiving of electromagnetic waves, the sizes of which depend on the frequency of oscillation and should exceed or be commensurable with a wavelength.

There are not less than ten ways of miniaturization of antennas.

The offered method of determination of currents in the antenna concerns to the most perspective way of miniaturization, namely to application of dielectrics and ferrite as envelopes (covers) of antenna.


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